I have an MA in history. I love heavy, underground metal, pretty things, crafts, beer, travelling and adventures. I try to have a good time.


8 hours

I had the most amazing week back home.  Good friends, good adventures, family, booze, nature, fun.  It was magical.

I’ve been in Orlando less than 10 hours and the shitstorm I left has picked up exactly where I left off.  I was on god damned cloud nine, but no.  No, I have to come home to this sea of fucking crap, drowning in my own fucking misery.

I never ever thought I’d miss my old town so much.  But there I can pick up decade long friendships where I left off, people enjoy seeing me, and there’s no sea of shit under my feet.  Back in stupid Orlando town, there’s no one to talk to, people don’t like seeing me and my whole life sucks here.

Not only do I miss the people in Tampa, I miss the me I left there.